19 - 22 OCTOBER 2016

Mr Lim Liat


Mr. Lim Liat bring with him more than 30 years of technology and leadership experience. A pioneer of Singapore Computer Systems in 1980, Lim contributed to the its listing on the Singapore Exchange, reaching a revenue of about $500 million operating in over 9 countries. He left as Deputy CEO in 2003 to start BvOtech, to help aspiring professionals succeed in business and career. As a Chinese Management expert, Lim synergizing the wisdoms of East and West. The key areas include unified corporate performance management framework, innovation and business model design, creative & visual thinking systems (BVITS), learning and innovative organization, leadership skills and the future of management with Sinology - Chinese classical wisdom such as I-Ching, the philosophies of the Dao School (Lao Zi), Ru School (Confucius), Mo School, Fa School and Sun Zi's Art of War and more.

Lim is widely recognized as a leading technology and innovation strategist, he consulted extensively in start-ups, SMEs, MNCs and GLCs and have sat on advisory boards of Institutes of Higher Learning and investment committees.

Guest Speaker Mr Lim Liat was a Public Service Commission Merit and a Commonwealth Scholar. He obtained a Bachelor of Industrial and System engineering (1st Class Honor with Gold Medal) from University of Singapore in 1974 and a Master Industrial Engineering from University of Alberta, Canada, 1976. He is a joint author of 5 US Registered Patents in End User Query and Data Modeling.

The changes in this present world are best characterized by the acronym VUCAD representing Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity and Deception. How can we cope successfully in such a turbulent world?

In the VUCAD world, our traditional education and training does not equip us to deal with change. However, the ancient Chinese has a book aptly titled the 'Bible of Change' to teach us. It gives us a methodology, a mindset and a knowledge base of the 64 hexagrams of patterns of change to enable us to ride on any change while avoiding the dangers to success. We are therefore responsible for the outcome of our life. I-Ching is also the root of all Chinese philosophies include those of Lao Zi and Confucius. It helps us to understand the Chinese thinking. After an overview of I-Ching, the consultation of I-Ching, not by casting lots but by situational analysis is covered. Furthermore, it gives an easy way of applying I-Ching wisdom in leadership, management, relationship building and i entrepreneurship of starting, overcoming, expanding and transforming businesses. Be not at the mercy of change, but rather master it to attain harmony and abundance by learning I-Ching.




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